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Specializing in tarot card readings to answer, enlighten and guide you through love, happiness, business success and health; all your question can be answered through these mystical readings and more performed by Cheyanne at The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago.

See what life has in store for you. Find out where and why you must make changes in your life to accomplish your dreams. All of The Psychic Alternative Center of Chicago readings are private and confidential.

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Our Newest Psychic at Astrology & Crystals

Amber is a 3rd generation Psychic and has been aware of her gift since around the age of 5. Amber comes from a Greek background and strongly connects with Greek Mythology. It’s Amber’s passion to help assist and provide people with a sense of direction. Specializing in energy healing (Chakra Healing), Amber is able to provide clients with validation, insight, peace of mind and a strong sense of personal spirituality. Come in a meet with Amber to experience a healing like no other!

Limited Time Offer: Chakra Balance & Reading – $79

Amber is running a special offer that includes a Chakra Balancing and Reading. With using healing sounds, energy and meditation your Chakra will be opened and tuned to the correct frequency allowing your energy flow to be more natural without blocks or interruptions caused by stress, imbalance or illness. This offer expires June 30. **Appointment required**


Lifelong Clairvoyant more than 50 years experience

Southern born spiritualist who brings you the solution to the mysteries of the Deep South, and now in Chicago. She seeks to help many thousands of people who have crossed, have negative spells, can’t hold on to money, wish for more luck, better luck, want their loved ones back, need to stop the negativity of surroundings, or want a strange illness to go away.

Many of the people she has helped call her “Mom” and have a deep relationship with her long after their first visit. Possessing a true gift she uses the tools available to her to help find your answers or direction you need for the resolution of your issue. Hope is here if you are seeking a sure-fire woman to aid you in your quest for love, prosperity or happiness. She can bring the Spirit of release and Control you every affair and dealings as a Woman of God.

“Fabulous reading! Thank you, very precise.” – Ashley

Hope can reveal hidden secrets, evil eyes, and lurking dangers that may harm you and you are unaware of. If you really want something positive to come to change, and loose the negativity and depressed feelings in your life, Hope is the answer for you. Find answers to love, life and happiness questions you may have. Get those answers faster with The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago and Hope’s help!

If you are suffering form an illness or disease and can’t find a cure… there is one! Read James, Chapter 5, versus 13 – 16 and then come to see Hope at The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago as many others do from far and near.

“Thank you! I will definitely be back for more readings!” – Amber

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BioPulsar Therapy Specialist and Light Healer

Professor Bi Nah, is a pioneer in the field of bio-pulsar reflexology and advancing awareness of the technology using it as a tool to help better treat and successfully heal people with many different issues. From illness to focusing positive energy to their work or life, the BioPulsar Therapy can help show you exactly where you need to focus your energy for meditation and treatments.

He has been a healer for more than 30 years in different areas including Light Therapy and Meditation. As a pioneer in the use of BioPulsar Therapy he has opened the way for many others to see their Aura or Chakras and see the energy blocks causing their issues, giving them and their therapists the ability to drive the blockages and open their energy flows more effectively.