Astrology & Crystals - Salts | $19.99

Salts with healing and balancing properties found from all over the globe. These salts will help you with a deeper meditation and relaxation. Many can be used in the bath or shower, helping with aromatherapy and heat therapies. Great for tired or sore muscles.

Using the seven major chakras as inspiration, these bath & foot soak sets have been lovingly created with special recipes to help balance each chakra. Each bath & foot soak salt is hand-made in small batches. Each is beautifully packaged in one of seven rainbow-colored, hand-dyed muslin bags. Each set includes information on astrological associations, corresponding reflexology point, appropriate crystals & an affirmation.

Handmade in the United States using organic essential oils. You may add our custom Essential Oil Blends to the bath to make it double effective and really fragrant.

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