Astrology & Crystals - Candle

Astrology & Crystal's Chakra Candles are made of 100% pure natural beeswax and the wick is lead free.

Beeswax candles offer a beautiful honey scent, a golden flame and the long clean burn. Pure beeswax is a natural wax that does not contain chemicals or petroleum.

Beeswax is the only fuel that actually produces negative ions, which not only help to remove pollution from our breathing atmosphere but also increases the ratio of negative ions to positive ions.

A History of Fire

Fire is regarded as a Holy instrument. Fires from the Sun sustain life upon Earth. Rituals often involve an eternal flame, and kindling a fire is equated with birth, resurrection, purification and inspiration. Fire can represent spiritual enlightenment, sexuality (light my fire) and fertility.

Fire is one of the four classical elements, as well as one of the five Chinese elements. In Hinduism fire is one of te live sacred elements of which all living creatures are comprised and is considered an eternal witness essential to sacred religious ceremonies.

Fire is a way of purification in nature, forest fires rekindle the naturally occurring plant life by ridding the intrusive. Fire is viewed as a symbol of divinity and is used in many worship services to remind participants that God is present.

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