Codes and Healing Methods for Indigo Children

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These codes work best for Indigo children:

Ascended Master Codes

The Master Hierachy includes gracious Master alignements, where you can access the precious master vibration you radiate with.

Enlightment Master Codes

The Enlightenment Master Codes are a spiritual blessings from the Creator to assist beings like you on this planet with clearings, healings and activations of self-mastery that will help to attune into the emerging Golden Age.

Ascension Master Codes

The most important aspects of these Healing Codes are the clearance of your negative pattern you constantly create, the alignment to your Higher Aspects of your spirit and soul and finally boosting your light quotient.

Clearing Master Codes

The Clearing Master Codes include intense clearing processes as well as activations to assist people in living as a master in the third and fourth dimensional world we call Earth.

Empowerment Master Codes

The energies of the Empowerment Master Codes are much deeper than third dimensional words can ever convey. The colors and the composition of each transmission are encoded w ith literally zillions of frequencies that are calibrated to each of you in the NOW.

Mystery Master Codes

These twenty-six sequencing Mystery Master Codes help you to awaken your inner divinity and the attributes of mastery and mystic that reside within your multidimensional heart.

Starseed Master Codes

These series of codes are powerful starseed blessings, activations and star-gate alignments that are part of the cosmic heart-oriented approach to ascension. Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide YOU the energetic support light-workers, healers and starseeds need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator

Angelic Healing Codes

Angelic Healing Codes are a very easy, simple way to receive sacred Angelic Healing activations, attunements, healings and clearings from the Angelic Councils of Love who are here to assist all beings in this world and planet to bring in great healing, great mastery and to assist beings to embody the highest state of love that they can.

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